I cannot thank you enough for your help in inspecting my soon to be home. When I looked around online for inspectors, I must admit I was overwhelmed with options, prices etc. I had a home inspection done two years ago by someone else when I purchased my current home. The inspection was a good price & went okay, but I had many new concerns with this new home being a foreclosure & wanted someone that would go above and beyond. I knew the first time I spoke with you for a quote that the inspection would be what I was looking for and it was!!

You arrived early, taking pictures and describing to me patiently, step by step every detail of what’s wrong and how to fix it, what needs to be done asap & what can wait. My Dad was unable to make the inspection but after reading your VERY detailed report & then taking the time to answer for both of us, our questions it was like he was there. When he hung up with you he said, “Wow, you definitely chose the right guy” and were blown away by your professionalism & detailed personality. This inspection has allowed me to make the best decisions as far as the home is concerned and I truly appreciate your time and attention to everything and how you are still prompt in getting back to me with all my millions of questions even AFTER the inspection is done!!!!!!!!!!!

All the best to you and All Pro Home Inspection Services!!!! -Kelly